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We are living in a world of uncertainties.  Unusual things are taking place day in and day out. A good number of unusual and unwanted things are happening even among the so called Christian evangelicals.   Such things are happening mainly due to confusion and deception.  Christ himself has given warning of such incidents at the end time.   We read this in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

Take heed that no one leads you astray (Matt. 24:4) Mark 13 the last five verses very emphatically says “Be watchful”.   In this context of end time charismatic movement the writer in this book “The Church Subtly Deceived” gives a warning to the believers, “Be alert and Watchful”  In this small book of 107 pages the author very vividly explains many aspects of this dangerous trend prevailing even among some believers circles.

The Book of Acts at first sight, gives an adequate support to this, but a closer look at it will evidently show(s it is not so.   “It is vital to note that the sections of the scriptures dealing with the return of our Lord Jesus emphasize the area of deception, whether they be speeches of our Lord Jesus, or letters of the apostles.   In these sections, signs and wonders are repeatedly mentioned, but not in a positive context, instead, warning is given concerning them and their function of deception.”

The author reveals growing penetration of liberalism, modernism, ecumenism and mysticism into the charismatic movements.   He brought out NINE important and serious matters for the present day believers as an isssue of serious thinking and consideration.

It’s a good study on the following subject matters:

  1. GIFTS. a) Tongues for private edification? b) Tongues as a sign.
  1. LAYING OF HANDS. A) Is infiltration of a believer possible?
  1. PASSIVITY.      a) The identity Theory. B) Active or Passive? C)  Falling on ones back. E) out of the body experience.
  1. SIGNS AND WONDERS. Signs in the Gospel of John, A) the case of Nicodemus. B) The response of the 5000. C) Passivity among these modern movements. D) Which is the greatest wonder? Signs in Acts.   From signs to scripture.  Signs, wonders and miracles, Signs in the last days, Signs in our days, A final consideration
For a reader who wants to know the real facts on these subjects it’s a good study and a reference guide.  A genuine reader can obtain such a lot of information needed to face such false teachers and practitioners of the present day charismatic movements. One can easily deal with such people if he thoroughly studies this book.   Though it’s very short in its contents he dealt with  almost all required aspects in these nine chapters.

All believers should read and make note of its contents to resist the false teachers of the Word. One can easily discern  the false teachings entered in the Christian church. He will be able to refute such practices with sufficient scriptural references.

In the concluding chapter he quote Abraham “The father of all believers”, who did not work one sign , yet he is called as the father of believers (Rom 4:12&16)   Abraham did not look at himself but only cling to the promises of God; he held fast the promises of the Lord and therefore only looked unto Him. He was his real consolation, the true anchor of his soul ( Heb.6:19).  His faith was fully counted on God.  This kind of faith proves God right and therefore let us look unto the Lord Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. (Heb.12:27)  He is the true Savior and victor over all these sinister powers of darkness.

 In conclusion he quotes the story of the prodigal son and calls the believers for repentance. Quoting Revelation 2:3 the author says even in spite of the deplorable situation in the seven churches Jesus never rebuked the saints for not having received the baptism of the Sprit or have too few spiritual gifts.   However, five times He says, “Repent”

He ends the book with an interesting yet serious appendix.  A critique of DGS Dinakaran’s book “Gifts of the holy spirit”. In these pages he gave a fitting reply to the followers of such false teachings.

The Blogger Philip V Ariel with the Author Alexander
A very informative book to know the fallacies of the so called self-styled  apostles of Christian faith.  A helpful guide and must read for Bible college students and believers who want to know the real truth about Jesus Christ and His teachings concerning the last days

About the Author:
Alexander Seibel was born in Vienna in 1943. Brought up in a customary religious setting, he later discarded his religion and became an atheist. His main interests as a student were scientific subjects.

Alexander Seibel
He was confronted with the Good News of the Bible during his days as a student through the testimony of some Christian believers of a worldwide missionary movement. The undeniable fulfillment of biblical prophecies in relation to Israel made it possible for the Lord to soften Alexander’s heart toward Christianity. The final breakthrough, where he finally surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, came on August 4, 1968 when he listened to a message about true discipleship.
Up until this time when Alexander completed his studies, he was a member of the Baptist Church in Vienna. He now holds a Master of Technology degree and works as a full time evangelist. He speaks on the subjects of science, the Bible, and evolution versus creation to youth groups and students. He has engaged in an extensive study of the Charasmatic Movement and recent trends in our society and churches. He has written several books, some of them up to five editions, which have been translated into several European languages. Alexander Seibel now lives in Germany, is married, and the father of three children.
Alexander Seibel, Germany

A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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