Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Money Tips for Parents And Kids

Off today from the routine job, 
may be due to the climatic change
some kind of uneasiness prevailed.
high fever and aches all over
from top to toe along with the
regular backache.
Had a good rest. Sleepless nights 
are compensated today. frequent
power cuts again forced me to
go to bed from the comp. chair lol
Got up again back to square one-
the Comp Machine and the  Chair.
Browsing thru the net I noticed a 
wonderful, thought provoking
and informative piece for all.
thought, if  i re-post it 
It definitely give some kind of thinking
and action to my fellow beings
especially my regular visitors and their kids
so my dear friends,  here i am with that
this is nothing but regarding your 
dealings with your hard earned money
and the kids spending.
Here i am re-posting it with you all.
Have a happy learning and a happy saving!!
This piece is published in the Wall Street Journal
via yahoofinance
for further reading Pl. do click HERE
Credit. Wall Street Journal wsj.com

Source: Wall Street Journal India Home

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