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Blog Comments: How Are You Responding to it? Or What is Your reactions? My Take For The Day At IWSG

Blog Comments: How Are You Responding to it? Or What is Your reactions? My Take For The Day At IWSG

Yet another time/day for IWSG post! 

Those who are not aware about this wonderful group, a word of introduction is very necessary at this time!

We the members of I W S G (Insecure Writers Support Group) post the first Wednesday of every month our fears, insecurity, thinking, doubts, questions answers, suggestions etc. all related to writing.  Most of the group members are blog authors or writers in different fields.  We help each other by asking questions from the field of writing. 

Even the well-established authors sometimes feel insecurity.  For such situation this is the secured place to share their burden to find some sort of solution to their fear/insecurity. You can ask your doubts, questions etc in relation to writing . There are people to help you out at IWSG.  That is the specialty of this group.   Indeed it has been a great blessing to many of the members here.

In short this idea is the brain child of the Sci-Fi writer Alex J. Cavanaugh. to help out his fellow bloggers/authors.

The registration is still open to join in this wonderful group, anyone who is having one or two blogs or any other authors, can join in this group and exchange their ideas, fears etc. through their pages linking back to its web page.  You can reach to the main web page by clicking here:  IWSG, 

Today’s wonderful co-hosts are Sheena-kay Graham, Julie Musil,Jamie Ayres, and Mike Swift. Please be sure to visit their pages. 

Also the group have an informative and lovely page at Facebook. Don’t forget to visit and join in the page! Facebook Group.
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We the bloggers’ or for that matter any writers’ of any kind expect feedback from our readers.  There is no doubt about this! It’s a universal fact that writers expect comments/feedbacks from their readers!  Even the well-established authors look out for some kind of response from their readers.  Though some may not accept this fact openly that is a fact. Indeed, every one opt for some kind of appreciation or feedback from their readers.

Sometimes these feedbacks are very nasty or very negative ones! Of course major ones may be positive or a highly praising ones.  Whatever it is, writers always expect some kind of feedbacks especially the blog authors always look or check out their comment boxes to see if anyone commented!

Here is a CAUTION: Whether it is positive or negative comment, we need to address or respond to it that is a common courtesy.  But unfortunately some of our friends/authors take it lightly and just ignore it.  In the recent past I have notice some good blog owners who comments back or respond to their readers very promptly with all required details in their comments.  I am sure in this busy world, writing blogs and responding to their readers’ comments in a detailed way is a bit difficult task, but yet there are some blog authors very religiously respond to each and every feedback they receive in their comment boxes.  This is a good practice and we need to do it systematically.  I am sure this will definitely increase our writing ability as well as to build a good relationship with the readers, and ha of course the traffic flow too will increase by these continuous process of communication.

I would like to introduce or tell about few such wonderful bloggers to my readers in one of my future blogs.  Their dedication to respond their reader’s response made them real authors in the sea of blogging world.

Commenting to blog post and responding back to that comments is the key word for the day. Let us make it a point to read each ones page and find time to post a constructive comment there.  Surely most of them respond back and that will also be a great help to go further in our writing job.

Wish You All A Happy IWSG DAY !!!
Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’

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