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Yet Another Earth Hour, Let Us Join Hands To Save Our Earth


Let Us All Join For This Good Cause!!!

Every year on March 26th the world over people observe the Earth Hour by switching off bulbs and lights. This year too today at 8.30 p. m this will be observed world over

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Every year on March 26th the world over people observe the Earth Hour by switching off bulbs and lights at a particular time.  This year too today at 8.30 P.M the lights will switch off.

This is to mobile support in the fight to protect the global climate change.

You too can join in this good cause.  By switching off your bulbs, lights and other electrical components for sometime.  At first you may think that what difference it makes?  Yes, definitely it can make a lot of difference in the global warming.  In the emerging dangers of global warming this attempt by each one  will make a tremendous impact.  So conserve your energy and save earth by participating in this great event today.

Pic. Credit. Earth Hour

The main message of this day (The Earth Hour) is go beyond this day, hour.  that is the main motto of this year’s Earth Hour. The organizers of  Earth Hour is trying to spread this message through this year’s celebration.  This attempt should not be stopped by just participating in that particular hour, but should continue to do as often as you can, so that you will be saving the energy as well you support  to a good cause for the benefit of the coming generation. 

Pic. Credit: Jolly Daniel, USA.
This attempt can make a great reduction in the ever increasing green gas emission.  If the alarming present rate of green gas emission continues soon we will have to face severe dangers which goes beyond our control.  Read more on this line at this link HERE 

To make more awareness about this great danger WWF, Earth Hour coordinators and many other organizations and institutions and business establishments around the world are making preparation for this years great event.  Watch one such video Here  Earth Hour Co-Founder Andy Ridley recorded this video message from Sydney.

Other parts of the world from more than 128 countries are making arrangement to make this known to the people around them through different media.   WWF is organizing many such events in different parts of the country in consultation with the local administrative authorities.

IIT Hyderabad Earth Hour Team Members
We need to organize and make aware about it to the common man through different other means like introducing through schools and colleges.  In my city one of the reputed institution, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad last year started this and they observed this in their college campus last year.  The report says that that was the first time attempt a campus such as IIT Hyderabad has done.  This was initiated by one Mr. Sampath Kumar a Mechanical Engineering student.   According to him the idea behind shutting off lights was not to save electricity but to send a powerful message across the country about the seriousness of Global Warming.
This type of  initiative if each one take we can definitely put a slow down in the speed of global warming level.  

Earth Hour is first initiated at the city of Sydney in Australia in the year 2007, from that small step Earth Hour has grown into a global observance.  It has now become a great movement and a great symbol of hope for millions around the world.   The reports show that 128 countries are now actively involving in this movement. Last year’s celebration (just three years after its inception) is worth noting here. Watch these videos.

YouTube Video An Official Video of Earth Hour

An official video of Earth Hour

Let us  also join this cause and show our individual  responsibilities  by observing this stipulated period by switching off our electrical components.
 As this years Earth Hour motto says, Let us go beyond the hour. Yes, let us observe this as often as we can.  No doubt. This will definitely make a tremendous change in the alarming growing rate of global warming.

By doing this we are saving ourselves and our coming generation.
For more information and further assistance on this great cause please visit Earth Hour web site

Let us all join hands with Earth Hour. It is for Our Benefits.
Long Live “Earth Hour”!!!

Some Pictures Taken On This                  Year's   (2011)Earth Hour                      
India Gate in New Delhi, India

N Seoul Tower Before and After Earth Hour 2011

Hong Kong's Central Financial District Bank Bank of China Tower

Malaysia's Patronas Twin Towers Before and After Earth Hour 2011
Our Lady of Remedies in Paris Earth Hour 2011

Sky Scrapers of Singapore's Central Business District

Welcome Statue Fountain Jakarta, Indonesia 2011
The National Stadium, known as the 'Bird's Nest',National Aquatics Centre, in Beijing 

Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona

Saint Sava cathedral in Belgrade

The Acropolis in Athens

The ancient Roman Colosseum in Rome
The Belarusian National Library in Minsk, Belarus

The Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary
The Eiffel tower in Paris

The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam
The Hogalid church and the Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm
The Ukraina Hotel in Moscow

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